The Episcopal School of Puerto Rico aims to create an academic environment that nurtures the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and moral growth of each student. As a Christian community that adheres to the beliefs expressed in the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds, we use the resources of the Episcopal Church to encourage critical thinking, self-reliance, and academic competence, while emphasizing the importance of cooperation among students, parents, faculty, administrators, and staff. We believe that each student should be well-prepared for college upon graduation and uphold the tradition of academic freedom.


ESA-Puerto Rico

Mission Statement

ESA-PR will be a coeducational, independent, day school for students from grades K through 12. Our mission is to impart in every student the habits of knowledge, scholarship, integrity, and honor.

ESA-Puerto Rico will challenege students to develop intellectually, arrtistically, and physically, and instill the confidence and compassion to become the Community Leaders of Tomorrow.

We are committed to providing opportunities for each student to achieve personal fulfillment and develop a sense of citizenship within the democratic process. We acknowledge the significance of physical well-being and the role of the arts in enhancing our understanding of human culture. Through recreational activities, we promote teamwork, leadership, and fair play.

We strive to instill self-confidence, a sense of one's place in the world, and a lifelong dedication to personal growth of the mind, body, and spirit. We acknowledge that the excellence of our faculty and the involvement of parents are crucial to achieving these goals.