Experience is everything, and ESA-Puerto Rico's academic program proves it. From PK through 12th grade, our curriculum emphasizes problem-solving, hands-on learning, and critical thinking. Academics at ESA-PR blend content and enrichment to encourage curiosity and inspire learning. Students are active participants, experiencing their education through challenge and exploration.

Expert Teachers

Almost every Lower School teacher either has a master's degree in gifted education or is currently working toward the degree. Teaching assistants hold bachelor's degrees, and many are working on master's.


At ESA Lower School, students learn at their own pace. Our teachers will group students by ability level, with groups changing depending on subject and interest. By differentiating instruction, teachers give students their own set of goals and challenges.


Each morning, students and teachers gather in the Enrichment Center for Chapel, a time of worship, singing, sharing, and learning from each other. Teachers often tell stories from their lives or share a favorite scripture. Students offer well-prepared presentations about kindness, staying in the struggle, service opportunities, and even the dress code.

Learning By Doing

Whether it's conducting experiments in the science lab, recreating literary scenes with Lego figures, or walking the campus with cameras in hand to record history, ESA's middle schoolers take an active approach to learning.

Leadership Opportunities

From Student Council and class officers to club and team captains, middle schoolers find plenty of chances to lead. Students have the opportunity invited to serve as hosts for visitors and to coordinate community service events.

Building Community

Through class and advisory competitions, clubs, and service projects middle schoolers get to know one another and move between groups. Participatory sports give every student the chance to become a member of the team.

Academic Success

As students learn to think critically, creatively, and independently, the Upper School curriculum supports their learning with challenging courses and opportunities for independent study.

Leadership Opportunities

In Upper School, students lead the community. The Student Council organizes events, coordinates service opportunities, encourages school spirit, and represents the student's voice in conversations with the administration.

Network of Support

Teachers serve as mentors and advisors, coaches and friends, with teacher-student relationships a central component of the strength of ESA's community.